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militaire chat kamer

33 By the late 1970s, English words began pouring into the language, leading one commentator, writing in 1977, to refer to the "trend towards Indo-Saxonization 34 known in Indonesian as pengindosaksonan.
24 However, oe was retained in some proper names, such as the name real touch sex speeltje of the first President, Sukarno (written as Soekarno and his successor Suharto, (written as Soeharto ).
In order to reach a wider audience, both Indonesian and Malay subtitles are sometimes displayed in a movie, along with other language subtitles.
Many vowels are pronounced (and gratis chatten in pakistan mobiel were formerly spelt) differently in Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Sumatra: tujuh is pronounced (and was spelt) tujoh, pilih as pileh, etc., and many final a' s tend to be pronounced as schwas ; e and o are also allophones.Puan Ibu, Nyonya (Ny.) music muzik musik naked bogel, telanjang telanjang, bugil (colloquial) natural semulajadi alami, natural navigation pandu arah, navigasi navigasi navy tentera laut angkatan laut negotiation perundingan perundingan, negosiasi network rangkaian (means series in Indonesian) jaringan, jejaring New Zealand New Zealand Selandia Baru.10 11, the term "Malay language" bahasa Melayu ) in Indonesia and Malaysia orlando gratis chat nummer van de lijn invites different perceptions from its respective people.Rating is available when the video has been rented.Washing table) basket (ball) keranjang bola basket basket (in general) bakul keranjang because kerana, sebab karena, sebab bed katil matras influenced by Dutch matras, tempat tidur, ranjang, kasur Belgium Belgium Belgia influenced by Dutch België Belgrade Belgrade Beograd belt (of a seat) tali keledar sabuk.Koula Edouard, a l'epoque Directeur du Budget et plus tard Ministre des Finances sous Biya qui les soutenait.
Also, whereas the Indonesian word butuh means "require" or "need in Malaysian, it is a vulgar slang term equivalent to "cunt/cock".
References edit Adelaar,.Le lendemain,.China (substandard) Christmas Krismas, Natal Natal from Portuguese cinema panggung wayang bergambar (more popularly abbreviated as pawagam panggung wayang bioskop from Dutch bioscoop circuit litar sirkuit city bandar, bandaraya big city, kota kota, bandar (a city in the sea shore or port city in Indonesian).The Latin preference of the (older) Indonesian intellectuals in these instances may be ascribed to the influence of their classical-oriented education when Gymnasium schools were established during the Dutch colonial period : compare Malay kualiti, kuantiti, majoriti, minoriti and universiti with Indonesian kualitas, kuantitas, mayoritas, minoritas.S'il n'est plus dans la capacité de le faire par un quelconque moyen de communication, l'ambassadeur de France au Cameroun peut le faire à la place de l'autorité camerounaise.

peguam (rare) Lebanon Lubnan from Arabic Lebanon, Libanon influenced by Dutch legislative perundangan (In Indonesian, it means legislation.
Convergence of vocabulary edit The rift of evolution between the two languages is based more on political nuance and the history of their formation than on cultural reasons.